The Butler Legacy

Hey everyone, so I had a few issues with my Thorne Legacy recently, glitches and stuff like that. Unfortunately, I have lost the save file and have had to start over. *Cries* I had gotten further than I ever have so I am very disappointed. But all is well, and I’d like to introduce you to my new founder, Aaron Butler!

Isn’t he a cutie! Aaron is a Bro. He loves his bro lifestyle and he enjoys spending time with other bro’s. He is also Romantic. He dreams of finding ‘the one’ and settling down. Aaron likes to keep in shape and is very Active. He has a job in the Air Force track of the Military Career.

After breaking up with his high school girlfriend, Aaron moved to Willow Creek to pursue his dreams. He has moved into the Oakenstead lot and started his new life. With only $1800 to his name, this journey will not be easy, but Aaron is determined to make it work. I hope you enjoy following Aaron’s journey.

Succession Laws

This time around, my succession laws will be different. I am going with:

Gender Law

Equality- heirs may be either Male or Female.

Bloodline Law

Modern- heirs may be adopted or conceived by current heir.

Heir Law

Random- eligible children will be randomly selected.

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