A Broken Mother

Alessandra had her share of challenges in life. She was left at a church by her mother when she was just hours old. Just her and a note that read ‘I didn’t want it’. She was a difficult baby and was transferred to six different families by the time she turned two. It seemed that her mother wasn’t the only one who didn’t want her. After that, she was dropped off at an orphanage. It was too much of a hassle trying to find her a home. She experienced a lot of awful things during her time at the orphanage. The other children hated her and often bullied her.

When she turned sixteen, she met Rocco. He seemed so kind and, even though he was a few years older than her, she loved him. He cared for her and that was something she had never felt.

They stayed together for three years before he did what every other person had done. He left her. Alone and pregnant. The last words he said to her were much too familiar. “I don’t want it.” And then he was gone.

She stared up at the white light on the ceiling as her tears dampened her cheeks. She had no idea how to be a mother and she considered giving the baby to someone who could take care of it. She had always promised herself that, if she ever had children, she would not abandon them. But her life was a mess. How could she possibly look after her baby when she couldn’t even look after herself? She had nothing to offer. She was homeless and broken. Alessandra made up her mind. She would find a loving family to take care of her baby.

“One more push, dear. You’re doing fantastic.” The midwife had a soft, kind voice and it put Alessandra at ease. She breathed in and bared down. An intense pain shot through her lower back as she used what little strength she had and, before long, her baby was born. “Congratulations, it’s a boy!” The midwife took the baby from the doctor and placed him in Alessandra’s arms. As she stared at the tiny human, she took in all his features. His red face was so perfect. He had blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes that gazed back at her. More tears ran down her face and she whispered an apology to him. It wasn’t his fault. But she wanted the best for him.

“Okay, we need you to start pushing again. The second one is coming.” The midwife took the little boy from her and placed him in the hospital’s bassinet. Alessandra stared at her in shock. “Second one?”

Alessandra opened her eyes and immediately felt the searing pain in her belly. As she lifted her hospital gown, the giant scar appeared. “You’re awake.” Her eyes shot up to see the midwife holding her baby. “There were some complications.” She nodded towards Alessandra’s scar. “The second baby got stuck so we had to act fast. It should heal nicely in a few weeks. Would you like to meet your daughter?” Alessandra rose from the bed and the midwife helped her walk to the bassinets. She looked at her beautiful babies and reached out to touch them. A smile appeared on her face and she leaned down and gave them both a gentle kiss on their foreheads.

The midwife smiled and placed her hand on Alessandra’s back. “You did so well, dear. They are really healthy. What are their names?” In that moment, Alessandra had never felt more sure of what she wanted. This was her chance to have a family. Something she had never experienced. She reached down and picked her son up. As she held him close, she whispered, “Their names are Sabio and Tonto. And I will never let them go.”

Author’s Note

This is my entry for the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge-May 2019. The theme for this month was Mother… Motherhood… Mothering. I’m really enjoying taking part in this challenge and I love reading all the entries from other bloggers. I hope you enjoyed reading this entry and I encourage you to take a look at the other entries.

14 thoughts on “A Broken Mother

  1. Oh…how beautiful! I’m so glad she decided to keep the babies and that both of them survived. It’s sad that we live in a world where children are unwanted and abandoned – stories like these remind me that I have so much to be thankful for. I remember your previous story about Sabio and Tonto – interesting to find out where everything started!


  2. How sweet. We get to meet Sabio and Tonto’s mom. Based on how they are in the previous story, I know Alessandra was a good mother. I’m glad she finally got a loving family.


  3. It is difficult to capture such a huge topic with such a short story, but you gave us a great introduction and I was so happy to hear the baby names at the end 🙂 A bigger story all coming together it seems.


  4. Oh, this was lovely! I’m so glad she decided to keep the babies. It’s such a harsh world, and she knows what it’s lime to be alone. She will have her challenges, but I’m sure she’ll find a way.


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