Chapter One

A New Apartment

As I near the door to my new apartment, I feel the anxiety coming back. I knew it would be different moving to the city, but I couldn’t help but wonder if I was making the right decision. My old life was full of negativity and fear and I knew I needed to escape it. But the fear seems to follow me wherever I go. I lift my hand and knock gently on the door.

It opens almost straight away and a woman appears in front of me. “Alex?” She smiles. “Yes.” I reply, returning my most convincing smile. “I’m Christie, your landlord. Welcome to your new home.” She gestures for me to come in. I walk inside and look around. There weren’t many photos on the ad, so I was curious to see what it looked like. It’s cold and empty. Fitting, I think to myself.

“So, Alex, what do you do?” The woman looks at me. “I’m a Freelance Writer.” I reply, looking around. “Oh.” She looks concerned. “Well, as long as you can afford to pay rent each week, that’s fine.” I glare at her. “That won’t be an issue. Thank you for showing me the apartment. I think I can take it from here.” The woman scoffs and looks me up and down before leaving. I know I probably should have been friendlier to my new landlord, but judging someone based on their career is something I hate. I work hard every day and I love what I do. It’s the only thing that makes me happy anymore.

As I look around the apartment, I make mental notes of what I want to change. The first thing would be these ugly floorboards. The wallpaper would be next. It’s old and dirty. I know I have a lot of work to do if I want to make this place liveable. Even though it’s only temporary.

I may not be the most optimist person, but I do have dreams. My goal is to work my way up to a beautiful penthouse. It’s really expensive though, so it will be a while before I get there. I’ve never stayed in one place long, so once I get there, I plan to stay. You never know, maybe I’ll even find my prince charming and have a family. I guess we will see about that one.

I get to work writing a children’s book for a client. When I e-mail her the final draft, she is over the moon. The gig earns me enough money to at least buy a bed. I won’t be sleeping on the floor tonight, at least.

By the time I am finished, the sun it setting. I have to admit, I have a nice view here. I hope the next apartment has nice views as well.

I change into my pyjamas and climb into bed. It’s not the most comfortable, but I soon drift off to sleep.

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