Chapter Two

A Makeover

After a couple of days, and a lot of writing, I have earned enough money to have new floorboards put in. They look so much better. I also got some new wallpaper and replaced the old ones.

Christie installed some old appliances in the kitchen. I thought that was nice of her, until she charged me almost double what they are worth. I’ll be glad when I have a new landlord.

There are so many problems with this apartment. The other night, I woke up to a squeaking sound. I turned on the light and screamed when a mouse ran between my feet. I hate mice. They’re full of germs.

I drag myself out of bed and go to make some breakfast. I hear a hissing sound and, when I go to investigate, the utility box starts sparking at me. I call Christie and tell her what is happening. She sighs through the phone. “I’ll be right there. Don’t touch anything.” I hang up and roll my eyes.

When she arrives, she glares at me. That’s when I realise I’m still in my pyjamas. I quickly change my clothes and return to the kitchen. “What did you do to it?” She shoots me a look and I feel my blood start to boil. “I didn’t touch it. I just woke up.” “I can see that.” She mutters under her breath, but I still hear her.

I try to ignore her as she fixes it and walks out. “Try not to call me again so soon.” She calls back as she closes the door. I storm around the kitchen while making my breakfast and muttering to myself.

The next couple of days go quick. I throw myself into my work and, when something in the apartment needs fixing, I do it myself. The less I see that plum, the better.

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