Chapter 1- Amelia

Amelia kicks off her week by travelling to Granite Falls. Who needs a house when you can go on vacation?

Oh, there are no houses here either? Hopefully Amelia can find somewhere to sleep tonight.

In the meantime, let’s catch some insects. Look at the cute little Ladybug!

Amelia finds some strange plants she has never seen before so, naturally, she picks them.

Is that a bear? Oh my!

Sure, step inside the dark, creepy thing. She’s braver than me.

Amelia sees a strange man watering his garden. Why is he living on the other side of a cave?

She introduces herself and asks if she can use his bathroom. It’s urgent!

He seems very friendly. He even offers to let her stay in his tent.

Amelia finds lots more strange plants in the man’s garden.

He teaches her how to brew herbal remedies using the strange plants.

He also lets her use his spare fishing rod and teaches her how to fish.

She catches a Walleye, which is one of the 5 new fish!

Amelia cooks some of the insects she caught for dinner. Oh, I really hope that’s not the ladybugs.

Yeah, she’s definitely braver than me. That’s gross.

Amelia and Ethan are becoming fast friends. They seem to have a lot in common.

Ethan feels confident that Amelia can handle the brewing on her own now.

Amelia catches more of the new fish.

She also catches a Cowplant Berry. Her friend Harper will love that!

She spends her last night in the tent, before she has to return home.

The next day, she arrives at her brand new house!

She plants all of the strange plants in the backyard.

She missed her friends while she was away, so she invites some of the girls over for a Weenie Roast. Amelia even convinced Ethan to come back with her!

Amelia could have had a Gold event.. if Tiffany actually knew how not to set the furniture on fire.

Jazmine points out that a Bronze event is still good. Eat your hot dog, Jazmine!

After everyone leaves, Amelia gives Harper her Cowplant Berry.

Overall, Amelia had a successful week. She caught 4 of the 5 new fish and 17 of the 21 insects. She reached level 10 of the Herbalism skill as well.

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