Chapter 3- Harper

Next stop is Newcrest. Harper has just arrived at her new home and couldn’t be happier.

She goes on a spending spree, buying heaps of different seed packets and planting what she can.

She plants and waters them just in time. A huge storm hits, making it too dangerous to be outside.

Not the pirate ship! I have no idea how I will fix that- or if I even can.

Harper tries her hand at flower arranging.

The weather clears up, so Harper tends to her garden and her bees.

The honey is ready to collect and sell. Harper also planted the Cowplant that Amelia gave her.

The bees aren’t very happy at the moment. And what’s worse, the rain is back.

Some of the plants are ready to evolve to nice quality.

The lightning hasn’t returned yet, so Harper continues to tend her garden.

She even does some fishing. Her father always told her the best time to fish is when it’s raining.

She catches enough fish to fertilise a few plants.

Harper’s cowplant is fully grown now!

She decides the Cowplant needs some company. While she was fishing, she caught another Cowplant berry.

More plants are ready to evolve. Harper’s garden is coming along nicely.

Harper is in the middle of making lunch when she has a visitor.

Amelia has stopped by. Lucky Harper made enough food to share!

Harper shows Amelia her Cowplants. She thinks the little one is absolutely adorable!

They enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

Harper almost has a full garden. But it’s the end of her week so it’s time for us to move on. She has achieved a decent amount of her aspiration, considering the storms made it hard to go outside. Hopefully those Cowplants are still alive when we come back.

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