Chapter 2- Andrew

We’re off to Oasis Springs where Andrew lives.

He just bought himself a rocket ship! Instructions on the box: “Aliens not included. Takes approximately three days to build”. Better get to work!

Andrew works two jobs at the moment. He is off to his first day at Llama King.

It’s late when he gets home, so he reads a book before going to bed.

The next day, Andrew works on his logic skill. How on earth is he going to beat himself?

Luckily, Joe arrives and teaches him a few tricks.

Andrew seems to be having a little trouble keeping the grilled cheese in the frypan…

You’re right, Andrew.. Adds extra flavour.

Maybe he should just keep away from the kitchen…

Microwave dinner it is! Now we just need money to replace what he burned.

Andrew heads off to his other job. He looks a little less ridiculous in that uniform.

Andrew loves his video games. Unfortunately, he tends to stay up all night and is too tired to work the next day.

Better finish off that rocket ship, so that we can prove aliens exist!

Safe travels! Bring me back a souvenir! Better yet, don’t die (I’ve never sent a sim to space before).

Blast off!

Andrew’s first trip to space was successful. He brought back a pretty space rock, starting his collection!

The next day is Summer Day! Everyone gathers at the park and cools down with a water balloon fight! Christian is too cool for it, though, and Joe is practising so he can beat Andrew at chess.

Andrew thinks the bartender is just beautiful. Sorry, Andrew, she’s a married woman.

The gang has a few drinks together. Joe seems to be considering throwing confetti at Christian. Probably not the best idea, that Christian doesn’t have the best reputation.

Andrew cooks up some baked potatoes for everyone. Thankfully, he doesn’t set the barbecue on fire.

It’s been a long week for Andrew, but he has done well. He reached level 3 in both careers and has now switched to the Astronaut career. He reached level 4 in the logic, video gaming, rocket science and cooking skills. Now he is off to bed. Until next time!

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