Meeting our Founders

Hey guys! I have so many challenges that I want to try, but I want them to be connected somehow, so this is my solution. Obviously this challenge is huge, but I’m going to give it a go. I’m hoping the rotational gameplay will help with my motivation.

So I have listed all the achievements, skills, careers, collections, etc. in the game and I want to incorporate them all. Yes, that includes playing one family for 100 generations… what have I gotten myself into?

I have also demolished every single lot in every single world (except for Myshuno Meadows as I need this for a hidden achievement) so I am starting from scratch. I will be using other challenges as inspiration.

Next, I created 10 sims, one ‘founder’ for each world (except Magnolia Promenade). This is for the 10 families for 10 generations achievement. Here are some short descriptions of our Founders:

Amelia Willow

Amelia lives in Willow Creek. She left home as a teenager and has always moved from place to place. She finally wants to settle down and start a career as a Doctor. First, she wants to learn everything there is to know about Herbalism, so her aspiration is Outdoor Enthusiast. She is good, she loves the outdoors and she is neat.

Andrew Oasis

Andrew lives in Oasis Springs. Ever since he was a kid, he has believed that there is life on other planets and he plans to prove it. He wants to be an Astronaut. He also wants to be good at many things, so his aspiration is Renaissance Sim. He is ambitious, a geek and a genius.

Harper Newcrest

Harper lives in Newcrest. She lost her mother when she was little and recently lost her father in a tragic house fire. She loves gardening and wants to build a park, but must first complete a set of tasks. Her aspiration is Freelance Botanist. She is creative, good and she loves the outdoors. For Harper, I will be using the Build Newcrest Challenge.

Alexander Winden

Alexander lives in Windenburg. He is in the Military and has seen a lot of bad things, which has led to him often losing touch with reality. He wants to master the fitness skill and his aspiration is Bodybuilder. He is athletic, good and erratic.

Jazmine Myshuno

Jazmine lives in San Myshuno. She wants to be a Detective, but her biggest goal is to get in shape. Her aspiration is City Native. She is athletic, a glutton and she is good. For Jazmine, I will be using the Movin’ On Up Challenge, with every apartment included.

Christian Hollow

Christian lives in Forgotten Hollow. He wants to be the ultimate criminal, just like his father. He doesn’t want to get married or have children, he just wants to have fun and enjoy life. His aspiration is Public Enemy. He is evil, mean and a kleptomaniac.

Thomas Brindleton

Thomas lives in Brindleton Bay. He is a Fisherman and wants to catch every fish possible. He also wants to meet the one and have a big family. His aspiration is Angling Ace. He is a foodie, a slob and he loves the outdoors.

Tiffany Del Sol

Tiffany lives in Del Sol Valley. She loves cooking and wants to open the best restaurant in town. She recently lost her house and all her money when her business failed, but she is determined to keep trying. Her aspiration is Master Chef. She is creative, ambitious and a perfectionist. For Tiffany, I will be using a Rags to Riches style Challenge.

Joe Strange

Joe lives in StrangerVille. He is a Scientist, but something went terribly wrong in the lab. He must now figure out how to fix it and save his town. His aspiration is StrangerVille Mystery. He is a genius, a geek and a loner.

Samara Sulani

Samara lives in Sulani. She was adopted as a baby, but her new parents pushed her aside when they had a child of their own. She decided she wanted a fresh start in a new place. She wants to save the environment as a Conservationist and her aspiration is Beach Life. She is good, a bookworm and a child of the islands.

I have lifespan set to ‘normal’ and ageing set to ‘active household only’. I also have my seasons set to 28 days and I will be spending one week in each household on rotation.

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