Chapter 5- Jazmine

It’s the first week of Fall and we’re off to San Myshuno with Jazmine. She has just moved into her first apartment in the city, which took the rest of her money.

She’s pretty hungry so she rummages for food in the bin.

She finds a box of junk and looks inside for anything she can sell for a little money. She finds a snow globe and decides to keep it.

There’s some cool posters around as well, and she finds some doubles, which she sells.

It’s a hard start for Jazmine, and she needs a shower asap.

Luckily, she makes enough money for a cheap shower and a little food that isn’t out of a bin.

Unfortunately, she has to spend the night on a park bench.

Clean and fed, she heads to work. The officer in the reception area greets her.

She looks at her first case and works out where to start.

When she arrives at the crime scene, she sees Tiffany. She disappears before Jazmine has a chance to speak to her.

Gavin gives a statement. “That crazy lady tried to cook a community barbecue, and she burnt EVERYTHING to the ground!”

Jazmine takes some photos of the scene and collects some evidence.

She heads back to the station to test the evidence in the chemical analyser.

After work, Jazmine reads all the memorial signs at Myshuno Meadows, before finding a quiet spot by a fountain.

She meets a handsome man named Marcus, who is very flirty. They hit it off…

And she invites him over for a few drinks.

They have a great time and Marcus says he will call her sometime.

Jazmine spends the next few days taking statements from witnesses.

She takes some mugshots for other officers.

Jazmine finds a lot of strange things while searching suspects.

Jazmine tells Raj about the fish in the man’s pocket. Strange, he says.

With the bills piling up, Jazmine finally makes enough money to pay her rent. Just in time too- they were about to shut off her power.

Jazmine goes to bed early on her last night. She doesn’t feel very well and spent most of the afternoon in the bathroom.

During her week, Jazmine completed the hidden achievement for Myshuno Meadows and collected a few posters. She also found two different snow globes while looking through boxes. Hopefully she feels better soon. Until next time!

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