Chapter 4- Alexander

We’re spending our last week of Summer in Windenburg with Alexander.

With a familiar looking house. I really liked this house and wanted to use it again.

Alexander loves to workout. He even bought a fancy treadmill for the spare room.

He is off to work for the day. He looks good in his uniform.

Alexander does some sparring. Unfortunately, he gets beaten up by the robot.

He decides to spend some time at the gym. He can see his hard work starting to pay off.

There is a yoga class at the gym and he sees Jazmine there. He decides to give it a go.

This is my kind of yoga class. Where do I sign up?

Jazmine and Alexander are doing quite well. Soon they’ll be as good as the instructor.

Hanging out at the gym together becomes a daily routine for Alexander and Jazmine. They quickly become good friends. Alexander does need to learn where to throw the basketball though.

Their favourite spot in the gym is the Wellness area. There’s a hot tub there. It looks so relaxing in there.

I’m loving this gym. I need to get myself there asap!

Work-wise, Alexander is doing well. He just got promoted. He does a little dance to celebrate.

Another promotion. Alexander is feeling quite proud of himself.

On Alexander’s last day, everyone gathers at the Plumbob Festival.

They have lots of fun rollerblading. Harper doesn’t seem to want to let go of that railing though. And Samara prefers to observe.

A few of them try the bubble blower. This time, Amelia is the one who prefers to observe. She must not be a fan of bubbles.

Time for the fireworks! Will you do the honours, Alexander?

Maybe next time someone else should handle the fireworks. Samara’s decisions to observe just saved her from being singed!

Alexander tries to make it up to everyone by grilling some food.

What an eventful end to Alexander’s week. I am really proud of this park, though.

Sleep well, Alexander. Until next time!

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