Chapter 6- Christian

Next, we are off to see Christian in Forgotten Hollow.

Christian enjoys being mean to people. He is making fun of how this man plays chess.

He gets the man with his favourite trick- the hand buzzer.

The man doesn’t stand for Christian’s mischievous ways.

Judith tells everyone what is happening. What a gossip!

Christian tries to find an easier target in Malcolm, but it turns out he is just as evil and mischievous. Christian respects that.

A pretty girl catches Christian’s eye. Her name is Daniella McCrary.

She seems to see past his mean streak.

Christian says goodbye and goes off to work.

Then Joe comes out of the bushes and starts talking to Daniella. He thanks her and says he just wants his best friend to be happy.

Christian and Daniella spend a lot of time together.

But Christian is finding it hard to change his ways.

It doesn’t change the bond that these two have developed though. Maybe Daniella sees a good man inside.

Christian tells her he loves her.

And they share their first kiss.

All of a sudden, Daniella turns white and starts shivering.

They run towards the house to get her warmed up.

But it’s just too late. Daniella freezes to death before they reach the house.

Christian is devastated.

He pleads with the Grim Reaper, but it’s no use.

People gather around as Daniella’s spirit leaves her body.

Daniella was the first girl Christian had ever truly loved. And now she is gone. Poor Christian!

He starts to feel numb and swears he will never love again.

It’s been a sad end to Christian’s week. He managed to make it to level 3 of the Criminal career and the last milestone of his aspiration. Until next time!

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