Chapter 7- Thomas

It’s currently raining in Brindleton Bay, but luckily Thomas has his trusty umbrella.

He finds a pond behind his house and tries to catch some fish.

He doesn’t have much luck, so he tries a couple of different fishing spots.

Thomas sees Christian walking along the beach. He looks so sad.

Even though they dislike each other, Thomas feels he needs to comfort Christian.

Thomas invites Christian to do some fishing with him.

Christian is actually pretty good at it. He doesn’t seem to feel any better though.

Thomas works really early mornings as a Fisherman.

After work, he goes to visit Jazmine with Tiffany and Samara.

Jazmine introduces them to a special someone.

Meet Kinsley Myshuno! Now we know why Jazmine wasn’t feeling well when we left.

Thomas is a natural. He can’t wait to have children of his own.

For now, though, his love lies with fishing. Nice tree fish!

Thomas gets promoted at work and receives a whole new uniform!

As the week comes to an end, the group gets together for Spooky Day!

Alexander is telling everyone a crazy story.

We have a late arrival. That costume must have taken a long time!

At the end of the night, Thomas does some more fishing. In his Spooky Day costume..

Everyone had a lot of fun at Thomas’ party and he is ready for sleep.

Thomas has almost finished his aspiration. All he needs to do is reach level 10 of the Fishing skill. He is currently at level 7. He has a nice collection of fish so far. Until next time!

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