1.1- Arriving in Bottlebrush Bay

Introducing Tracy Cohen, Mayor of Bottlebrush Bay, which spans from the beautiful town of Willow Creek to the magical town of Glimmerbrook. Tracy grew up in a wealthy and successful family and now wants to build her own legacy away from her hometown of Sunset Valley.

As the only sim in Bottlebrush Bay, Tracy appoints herself Mayor and builds a beautiful City Hall in Newcrest, which she names Cohen Hall. Her next task is to convince more sims that Bottlebrush Bay is a great place to live.

Tracy starts off by choosing a cause to support. She feels that World United is the best one and begins protesting.

A few sims see her and stop to watch. They even cheer her on.

Some sims join in, making her first protest a success.

Tracy introduces herself, completing the first task of her aspiration (introduce self to 10 sims). They seem to approve of her.

After a long first day, Tracy returns home and drifts off to sleep, dreaming of a better tomorrow.

The following morning, Tracy climbs out of bed and into the shower before getting ready for her first day of work.

She cooks up some breakfast and thinks about how she can convince sims to move to Bottlebrush Bay.

When she arrives at Cohen Hall, she does some research into her chosen cause and writes a letter addressing the issues the world is facing and how she plans to make the world a better place.

Afterwards, she treats herself to a juice on the rocks. She has earned it.

Tracy hears some noises outside and sees a man protesting for her cause. Excited, she runs down to join him. She’s so happy that sims are supporting her cause.

After another successful day, Tracy goes home and begins her plans for the rest of the week. Bye for now!

For anyone who wanted to see the inside of Cohen Hall 🙂

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