1.1- New Face in Newcrest

“This is it,” Mia sighed. “My brand new adventure.” She smiled fondly as she looked around. She didn’t mind having to sleep in a tent for the next few weeks. In fact, she was excited. Ever since she was a little girl, she loved camping, hiking, basically anything outdoorsy was her kind of thing. But most of all she loved gardening.

Mia opened up some seed packets she had bought from a nearby store and began planting them. “No time to waste,” she said to herself.

Mia chose to plant flowers. They were one of her favourite things in the world and she couldn’t imagine not being surrounded by them.

Mia heard some voices outside and took the opportunity to meet some new people. As she sat down, they immediately recognised her. “OMG! You’re that new Mayor!” Katrina squealed.

“That’s me.”

A man named Larry smiled warmly, “Welcome to Newcrest. We hope you are settling in well.”

“Oh, I sure am. This is such a beautiful town.”

Another woman named Kelly joined the conversation. “Hi Mayor Sweeney, I’m friends and I’d like to be Kelly.” Mia stared at her, confused. “I’m sorry?” The woman turned bright red. “I’m Kelly.” she whispered. Mia clicked. “Oh, right. It’s lovely to meet you, Kelly. I think we should be friends.”

“Hey! What about me?” Katrina was beside herself.

“No, seriously, I make a great friend. I’m beautiful, I have a hot boy toy…” Katrina began rambling off reasons why she would be a good friend to have, although Mia wasn’t really listening. She was too busy thinking up different combinations for flower arrangements.

Mia turned to the man sitting next to her. “I just realised I don’t know your name.”

“Is she even listening to me?” Katrina asked the others.

“I’m Tony.” the man shook Mia’s hand, before getting up and walking away. ‘What a strange man’, Mia thought to herself.

Getting back to work, Mia watered her flowers. “Soon I will have a thriving garden.”

“Buzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzz.” The bees seemed to agree with Mia.

Mia decided to explore her new neighborhood. She ran into two more people while she was out. “Hey there.” The one with dark hair greeted Mia. “I’m Alex and this is Summer. You must be Mia.”

“I must be.” Mia smiled.

“Sorry,” Alex laughed. “People around here have been talking about you non-stop since you were chosen.”

“It’s an amazing thing you are doing.” Summer smiled. “Not many people would be so brave.” Mia blushed. She had never thought of herself as brave and no one had ever said it before. “Oh, thank you. You should come by sometime. Both of you.”

“Ooh, that sounds fun!” Summer exclaimed. “We could have girls nights!”

“Yeah, for sure. Roast marshmallows, tell stories by the campfire.” Mia smiled.

“Sounds like a plan. We should probably get going. See you soon, Mia.” Alex and Summer strolled away, leaving Mia to continue exploring.

After an hour of looking around the neighborhood, Mia returned to spend some time with her bees. It was important for her to bond with them as much as possible. After all, they would play a big part in the quality of her flowers.

“Hi there, little buddies. Aren’t you just the prettiest?”

(Side note: I do NOT like bees. They scare the hell outta me!)

By the end of the day, Mia was starting to feel pretty hungry. Luckily she had visited a butcher while buying the seed packets, so she roasted some hot dogs before calling it a night.

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