1.2- No Time Like the Present

Gently lifting the frame from the beehive, Mia carefully poured the honey into the jar. “Big batch today.” She looked at a little bee that was flying near her hand. “Well done, little ones.” She placed the frame back in and put the lid on the jar.

Temptation overtook her, though and she just couldn’t help herself. She opened the jar again and dipped her finger in. As she lifted it out, she plopped the golden substance straight into her mouth.

“Mmmm..” Her eyes widened. “That’s fine, I’ll just sell the next one.” She grinned sheepishly.

Mia decided to try out a new flower arrangement she had thought up. She had never worked with Holly before, and she knew it wasn’t Winterfest, or even Winter for that matter, but she didn’t care. “No season can restrict me!” She exclaimed as she delicately placed each stem of red berries into the vase. ‘Those berries look yummy’, Mia thought to herself.

It seemed that gardening fever had hit Mia. She just couldn’t get enough of it and, with her plants already being tended to, she decided to read about gardening.

“I am so not obsessed! Ooh, did you know that holly berries are poisonous? Lucky I didn’t eat them!”

When the rain stopped and the sun came out, Mia was surprised to see she had a visitor.

“Hey Alex, how’s your day been?”

“Wet.” Alex looked unimpressed. “I hate the rain.”

Mia tried to cheer her up. “Oh, come on. There must be something you like about the rain. What about mud puddles?”

Alex smiled. “Yeah, you’re right. Mud puddles are kind of fun.”

“They sure are. So what’s new with you?”

Alex hesitated. “Well.. there’s someone I.. I think I like.”

“That’s awesome! Do I know them?”

“Maybe.. I just don’t know if sh.. if they like me back.”

Mia smiled at her new friend. “What’s not to like? Anyway, I think the best thing to do is to be honest with the person. That way you know for sure how they feel. Trust me, it’s better to know right away than to waste time pining over someone.”

Alex thought for a moment. “You know what, you’re right. I’m going to tell them now!”

“No time like the present.” Mia watched as her friend walked, or rather bounced, away.

“It’s a hard-knock life for us,” Mia sang to herself as she scrubbed the clothes in the wash tub. Her fingers were already pruny and her knees were hurting. She finally finished and breathed in the floral smell of the laundry powder.

Afterwards, she headed down to the lake to try her hand at fishing. She looked like a natural already.

Only looked like though because even after 2 hours, she only caught one fish.

But one fish was all Mia really needed. She had run out of hot dogs, so now she really had to live like a true outdoors person and catch her dinner. She didn’t mind though. She liked the idea of being fully self-sufficient.

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