1.4- Mia's Matchmaking Service

Word of Mia’s matchmaking skills spread quickly. “Hi, I’m Gavin Richards. I heard you can find me a girlfriend.”

He had a kind face and seemed a little shy. “I will do my best, but just so you know I’m pretty new here.” Mia smiled.

The two sat down. “I’m not real fussy.. I just want a girl who is pretty and intelligent. I’m a very creative person so she needs to be an art lover. Also, she needs to be someone who isn’t afraid of sharing her feelings.”

Mia took mental notes while Gavin was talking. “I’ll see what I can do, Gavin. It was nice meeting you.”

“Thank you, Mia. Also, if it’s possible, I would like you to find her by the 1st of Fall. I have a wedding to attend and don’t want to go alone.” Gavin stood up and left.

“How on earth am I going to find someone in two days?” Mia shook her head.

Mia’s next ‘customer’ was Bob Pancakes. He wasn’t so much looking for a girlfriend as he was trying to repair the relationship he already had.

“It’s my wife, Eliza. I.. I don’t think she loves me anymore.” Bob looked down. Mia felt really bad for him. “Tell me what the problem is, Bob.”

“I used to be a lot more spontaneous and romantic. But.. I just can’t figure out how to make her happy anymore. She told me the other day she hates flowers. But I used to buy them for her all the time and she always seemed to like them.”

Mia thought for a moment. “Okay, Bob. Here is what I would like you to do. Go home and cook her favourite meal. Have some relaxing music playing in the background and some candles lit. When she gets home, make sure you are wearing something.. nice.” Mia looked at his outfit.

“Pull her chair out for her and have a nice meal together, with no distractions. Ask her questions about her day. That is very important. Show her that you are still that romantic, spontaneous man she fell in love with.”

Bob looked at Mia. “Wow, you really think that will work?”

“I really do.” Mia smiled as Bob thanked her and rushed off home.

While Mia loved helping people and watching relationships evolve, she kind of wished she had love of her own. She knew that everything would fall into place eventually, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to wait for it to just happen anymore. She always said she would let love find her, but what if sometimes even love itself gets lost? What happens then?

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