1.8- Winterfest/Moving on

Winter in Newcrest was quiet. As the only one actually living there, Mia was all alone for Winterfest. Katrina was celebrating with her family and Alex and Summer were on another vacation. Mia had received a letter from them sharing the news of their next big adventure.

Dear Mia,

Greetings from the islands of Sulani. It is so beautiful here and the sun is shining all the time. Alex has been enjoying learning about the culture and the elementals, while I have been spending most of my time sunbathing. We have made the decision not to return to Willow Creek. It’s so violent there and, as much as we will miss you, we love it here. Alex has started a new job and we have moved into a gorgeous house right on the water. We hope you are doing well and you are welcome to visit us anytime. Merry Winterfest, Mia.

Love, Summer.

Mia was indeed doing well. Her plants evolved to perfect quality and her aspiration was complete. All that was left was to build the park and her new home.

That would have to wait though. Mia decided to celebrate Winterfest before moving.

She decorated her tree and wrapped some empty boxes to make it look like it was stacked with presents. She was starting to feel the Winterfest spirit already.

At least she wasn’t completely alone. Her cowplant was right there with her.

Mia decided to build a snowpal for her cowplant. The three of them were going to have a wonderful Winterfest.

Little did Mia know, she was about to have another guest.

Father Winter appeared and gave Mia a present. “Thank you so much for all of your hard work,” he smiled as she opened her gift, revealing a yellow crystal.

The four of them had a quiet night looking up at the stars. Mia didn’t feel so alone after all. It was a Winterfest miracle.

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