1.9- A New Chapter

Mia had achieved a lot in her life, but this was the proudest she had ever been. She took on a huge, difficult task and, less than a year later, she had completed it. As she stood before her brand new home, she smiled. The park would hold many memories, but this house was a blank slate. An opportunity to build new happy memories. This was where she would raise her children, and teach them all about Newcrest and how the park was built.

The interior of Mia’s home

Mia loved her new home. It may have been empty at the moment, but all she saw was opportunity. And the ice skating rink nearby quickly became Mia’s favourite spot in the neighbourhood.

Tranquil Park

Mia also loved meeting the new people that roamed the neighbourhood. She met Ryan Bull, a teenager who she asked to house sit if she ever went away. He seemed like a good kid and Mia was pretty good at reading people.

Of course, she still made time to do some flower arrangements. She had harvested the plants before leaving the park so that she could plant them when she moved.

Having a TV was something Mia didn’t realise she had missed. She spent most of her first few days curled up on the armchair watching her favourite shows.

Most of all, though, Mia missed cooking in an actual kitchen. Home cooked meals were always one of Mia’s favourite things. The smell of fresh herbs in her mother’s kitchen, each bite tasting better than the last. She could only hope that she could be as good of a cook as her mother was.

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