1.12- Good Different

When Mia returned home from her vacation to Granite Falls, she decided it was time for a complete makeover. She had her hair cut short and got a whole new wardrobe. She was feeling pretty good about herself.

She even started jogging to get in shape.

Okay, so maybe all these changes had something to do with Tatum. Mia was excited when he called and said he was coming to visit. She had so much to show him. “This is the cowplant I was telling you about.” She smiled at him.

“You look different.” He looked her up and down.

Mia blushed. “Good different?” He stared for a moment.

“You always look beautiful Mia. You don’t need to change your clothes or your hair. But, yes, you do look good.” He grinned.

The two of them sat down and talked. Mia told Tatum all about her past and what led her to Newcrest.

Tatum was in awe of everything she had achieved. “You are amazing, Mia.” He looked around. “This is such a beautiful park. And the fact that you are the one that built it makes me one lucky man.”

They spent the rest of the day having fun. Tatum pushed Mia on the swings and they felt like kids again.

She showed him up at the horseshoe game…

… and he showed her his best chess strategies.

As the date neared the end, Mia couldn’t bear the thought of him leaving. She surprised him with a perfect rose from her garden.

Neither of them were ready to let each other go.

As they sat on the edge of the fountain, staring into each other’s eyes, Mia took a leap. “Why don’t you move to Newcrest? I don’t want to have to say goodbye.”

Tatum smiled. “And where would I live? Like you said, yours is the only house in the whole town.”

Mia stared at him. “You could move in with me.”

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