1.13- I Know What I Want

Mia was ecstatic when Tatum agreed to move in with her. She knew things were moving fast between them but she didn’t feel any fear or hesitation.

There was so much romance and passion in their relationship. Mia had never felt so comfortable with anyone in her life.

Mia showed Tatum the skating rink near their house and it became a regular thing that they did together. On one particular night, Mia turned on the romantic music and lights.

Afterwards, they began their walk home in the rain. As they neared the house, Mia stopped. “Tatum, there’s something I need to say… Before I met you, my life was busy. I never had time to focus on what I wanted for myself. Instead, I would focus on other people. But since you came into my life, you have encouraged me to seek what I want. And I finally know what that is.”

Mia took a deep breath and gathered her courage.

As she knelt, she pulled out a ring. “Tatum, will you marry me?”

Mia’s heart began to beat harder with every second that passed. “Mia..” Tatum stared at her.

“It would be an honour to become Tatum Sweeney.” Mia jumped up and embraced him in a passionate kiss as the rain began to pour down.

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