Generation 1- Quincy Thorne

Quincy Thorne was born 21 years ago on a cruise ship to loving parents. When he was 5 years old, two police officers showed up at his house and arrested his father. As it turned out, Quincy’s dad had been embezzling millions of dollars from his company. After the arrest, Quincy and his mother lost everything- their home, their money and their reputation, so they moved to a town called Willow Creek to start over.

Quincy made friends easily and the rest of his childhood was pretty ordinary. When he was 21, his mother was diagnosed with Starry Eyes and passed away soon after. Quincy packed up his life and moved to Brindleton Bay where he planned to start over.

Quincy is creative, family-oriented and a perfectionist. He aspires to be a Painter Extraordinaire. He tends to hide away from the outside world, so he would rather make money selling his paintings than get a job.