Legacy Challenge Rules

  1. Create your founder. They may be Male or Female, you may choose what they look like, their traits and their aspiration. They must be the only sim you create and they must be of young adult age.
  2. Move your founder into an empty 50×50 or larger lot in any world.
  3. Cheat their money down to $1,800.
  4. Play through 10 generations, while following the chosen succession laws.

Succession Laws

These are the succession laws I have chosen for each generation:

Gender Law

Strict Equality- Each generation’s heir alternates gender, for example, if the founder is Male, the second generations heir must be female, third must be male, etc.

Bloodline Law

Modern- either blood-related or adopted children may be named heir.

Heir Law

Random- The heir is randomly selected from all eligible children.