Newcrest Grace

A Build Newcrest Challenge

Meet Harper Grace, founder of my Build Newcrest Challenge. She is Good, Family-Oriented and Loves the Outdoors. She aspires to be a Freelance Botanist and wants to build a community garden for her new town of Newcrest. She also wants to meet a nice man, get married and start a family.

Overview of Challenge:

Both the cities of Willow Creek and Oasis Springs have suffered from a severe economic downfall and a major increase in violence, pretty much think Gotham City before Batman cleaned it up. Your sim wants to start a legacy but they think that both towns are too dangerous to start and raise 10 generations of a family in. They have heard that Simsville is expanding the suburbs around the Willow Creek area into a new city called Newcrest and they are looking for sims to settle this new town!

Your sim immediately signs up and since they are actually the first to sign up they are declared the unofficial mayor of Newcrest and it is going to be their responsibility to build the city of Newcrest from the ground up!

Since Newcrest is a new world with no development there are no houses or community lots for your sims to enjoy yet, this is going to be one of your founders responsibilities. Also your founder may never return or visit any other sims world until their legacy has been completed. However, they may travel to Granite Falls or Magnolia Promenade, but may not live there.

It will be your Legacy’s responsibility and gift to the community to build all the neighborhoods and community lots for the future of Newcrest. Each generation will have a specific building goal and cannot build until they have completed their job and aspiration that lays the foundation for their building goals.