The Thorne Legacy

Chapter 7- Thomas

It’s currently raining in Brindleton Bay, but luckily Thomas has his trusty umbrella.

He finds a pond behind his house and tries to catch some fish.

He doesn’t have much luck, so he tries a couple of different fishing spots.

Thomas sees Christian walking along the beach. He looks so sad.

Even though they dislike each other, Thomas feels he needs to comfort Christian.

Thomas invites Christian to do some fishing with him.

Christian is actually pretty good at it. He doesn’t seem to feel any better though.

Thomas works really early mornings as a Fisherman.

After work, he goes to visit Jazmine with Tiffany and Samara.

Jazmine introduces them to a special someone.

Meet Kinsley Myshuno! Now we know why Jazmine wasn’t feeling well when we left.

Thomas is a natural. He can’t wait to have children of his own.

For now, though, his love lies with fishing. Nice tree fish!

Thomas gets promoted at work and receives a whole new uniform!

As the week comes to an end, the group gets together for Spooky Day!

Alexander is telling everyone a crazy story.

We have a late arrival. That costume must have taken a long time!

At the end of the night, Thomas does some more fishing. In his Spooky Day costume..

Everyone had a lot of fun at Thomas’ party and he is ready for sleep.

Thomas has almost finished his aspiration. All he needs to do is reach level 10 of the Fishing skill. He is currently at level 7. He has a nice collection of fish so far. Until next time!

Chapter 6- Christian

Next, we are off to see Christian in Forgotten Hollow.

Christian enjoys being mean to people. He is making fun of how this man plays chess.

He gets the man with his favourite trick- the hand buzzer.

The man doesn’t stand for Christian’s mischievous ways.

Judith tells everyone what is happening. What a gossip!

Christian tries to find an easier target in Malcolm, but it turns out he is just as evil and mischievous. Christian respects that.

A pretty girl catches Christian’s eye. Her name is Daniella McCrary.

She seems to see past his mean streak.

Christian says goodbye and goes off to work.

Then Joe comes out of the bushes and starts talking to Daniella. He thanks her and says he just wants his best friend to be happy.

Christian and Daniella spend a lot of time together.

But Christian is finding it hard to change his ways.

It doesn’t change the bond that these two have developed though. Maybe Daniella sees a good man inside.

Christian tells her he loves her.

And they share their first kiss.

All of a sudden, Daniella turns white and starts shivering.

They run towards the house to get her warmed up.

But it’s just too late. Daniella freezes to death before they reach the house.

Christian is devastated.

He pleads with the Grim Reaper, but it’s no use.

People gather around as Daniella’s spirit leaves her body.

Daniella was the first girl Christian had ever truly loved. And now she is gone. Poor Christian!

He starts to feel numb and swears he will never love again.

It’s been a sad end to Christian’s week. He managed to make it to level 3 of the Criminal career and the last milestone of his aspiration. Until next time!

Chapter 5- Jazmine

It’s the first week of Fall and we’re off to San Myshuno with Jazmine. She has just moved into her first apartment in the city, which took the rest of her money.

She’s pretty hungry so she rummages for food in the bin.

She finds a box of junk and looks inside for anything she can sell for a little money. She finds a snow globe and decides to keep it.

There’s some cool posters around as well, and she finds some doubles, which she sells.

It’s a hard start for Jazmine, and she needs a shower asap.

Luckily, she makes enough money for a cheap shower and a little food that isn’t out of a bin.

Unfortunately, she has to spend the night on a park bench.

Clean and fed, she heads to work. The officer in the reception area greets her.

She looks at her first case and works out where to start.

When she arrives at the crime scene, she sees Tiffany. She disappears before Jazmine has a chance to speak to her.

Gavin gives a statement. “That crazy lady tried to cook a community barbecue, and she burnt EVERYTHING to the ground!”

Jazmine takes some photos of the scene and collects some evidence.

She heads back to the station to test the evidence in the chemical analyser.

After work, Jazmine reads all the memorial signs at Myshuno Meadows, before finding a quiet spot by a fountain.

She meets a handsome man named Marcus, who is very flirty. They hit it off…

And she invites him over for a few drinks.

They have a great time and Marcus says he will call her sometime.

Jazmine spends the next few days taking statements from witnesses.

She takes some mugshots for other officers.

Jazmine finds a lot of strange things while searching suspects.

Jazmine tells Raj about the fish in the man’s pocket. Strange, he says.

With the bills piling up, Jazmine finally makes enough money to pay her rent. Just in time too- they were about to shut off her power.

Jazmine goes to bed early on her last night. She doesn’t feel very well and spent most of the afternoon in the bathroom.

During her week, Jazmine completed the hidden achievement for Myshuno Meadows and collected a few posters. She also found two different snow globes while looking through boxes. Hopefully she feels better soon. Until next time!

Chapter 4- Alexander

We’re spending our last week of Summer in Windenburg with Alexander.

With a familiar looking house. I really liked this house and wanted to use it again.

Alexander loves to workout. He even bought a fancy treadmill for the spare room.

He is off to work for the day. He looks good in his uniform.

Alexander does some sparring. Unfortunately, he gets beaten up by the robot.

He decides to spend some time at the gym. He can see his hard work starting to pay off.

There is a yoga class at the gym and he sees Jazmine there. He decides to give it a go.

This is my kind of yoga class. Where do I sign up?

Jazmine and Alexander are doing quite well. Soon they’ll be as good as the instructor.

Hanging out at the gym together becomes a daily routine for Alexander and Jazmine. They quickly become good friends. Alexander does need to learn where to throw the basketball though.

Their favourite spot in the gym is the Wellness area. There’s a hot tub there. It looks so relaxing in there.

I’m loving this gym. I need to get myself there asap!

Work-wise, Alexander is doing well. He just got promoted. He does a little dance to celebrate.

Another promotion. Alexander is feeling quite proud of himself.

On Alexander’s last day, everyone gathers at the Plumbob Festival.

They have lots of fun rollerblading. Harper doesn’t seem to want to let go of that railing though. And Samara prefers to observe.

A few of them try the bubble blower. This time, Amelia is the one who prefers to observe. She must not be a fan of bubbles.

Time for the fireworks! Will you do the honours, Alexander?

Maybe next time someone else should handle the fireworks. Samara’s decisions to observe just saved her from being singed!

Alexander tries to make it up to everyone by grilling some food.

What an eventful end to Alexander’s week. I am really proud of this park, though.

Sleep well, Alexander. Until next time!

Chapter 3- Harper

Next stop is Newcrest. Harper has just arrived at her new home and couldn’t be happier.

She goes on a spending spree, buying heaps of different seed packets and planting what she can.

She plants and waters them just in time. A huge storm hits, making it too dangerous to be outside.

Not the pirate ship! I have no idea how I will fix that- or if I even can.

Harper tries her hand at flower arranging.

The weather clears up, so Harper tends to her garden and her bees.

The honey is ready to collect and sell. Harper also planted the Cowplant that Amelia gave her.

The bees aren’t very happy at the moment. And what’s worse, the rain is back.

Some of the plants are ready to evolve to nice quality.

The lightning hasn’t returned yet, so Harper continues to tend her garden.

She even does some fishing. Her father always told her the best time to fish is when it’s raining.

She catches enough fish to fertilise a few plants.

Harper’s cowplant is fully grown now!

She decides the Cowplant needs some company. While she was fishing, she caught another Cowplant berry.

More plants are ready to evolve. Harper’s garden is coming along nicely.

Harper is in the middle of making lunch when she has a visitor.

Amelia has stopped by. Lucky Harper made enough food to share!

Harper shows Amelia her Cowplants. She thinks the little one is absolutely adorable!

They enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

Harper almost has a full garden. But it’s the end of her week so it’s time for us to move on. She has achieved a decent amount of her aspiration, considering the storms made it hard to go outside. Hopefully those Cowplants are still alive when we come back.

Chapter 2- Andrew

We’re off to Oasis Springs where Andrew lives.

He just bought himself a rocket ship! Instructions on the box: “Aliens not included. Takes approximately three days to build”. Better get to work!

Andrew works two jobs at the moment. He is off to his first day at Llama King.

It’s late when he gets home, so he reads a book before going to bed.

The next day, Andrew works on his logic skill. How on earth is he going to beat himself?

Luckily, Joe arrives and teaches him a few tricks.

Andrew seems to be having a little trouble keeping the grilled cheese in the frypan…

You’re right, Andrew.. Adds extra flavour.

Maybe he should just keep away from the kitchen…

Microwave dinner it is! Now we just need money to replace what he burned.

Andrew heads off to his other job. He looks a little less ridiculous in that uniform.

Andrew loves his video games. Unfortunately, he tends to stay up all night and is too tired to work the next day.

Better finish off that rocket ship, so that we can prove aliens exist!

Safe travels! Bring me back a souvenir! Better yet, don’t die (I’ve never sent a sim to space before).

Blast off!

Andrew’s first trip to space was successful. He brought back a pretty space rock, starting his collection!

The next day is Summer Day! Everyone gathers at the park and cools down with a water balloon fight! Christian is too cool for it, though, and Joe is practising so he can beat Andrew at chess.

Andrew thinks the bartender is just beautiful. Sorry, Andrew, she’s a married woman.

The gang has a few drinks together. Joe seems to be considering throwing confetti at Christian. Probably not the best idea, that Christian doesn’t have the best reputation.

Andrew cooks up some baked potatoes for everyone. Thankfully, he doesn’t set the barbecue on fire.

It’s been a long week for Andrew, but he has done well. He reached level 3 in both careers and has now switched to the Astronaut career. He reached level 4 in the logic, video gaming, rocket science and cooking skills. Now he is off to bed. Until next time!

Chapter 1- Amelia

Amelia kicks off her week by travelling to Granite Falls. Who needs a house when you can go on vacation?

Oh, there are no houses here either? Hopefully Amelia can find somewhere to sleep tonight.

In the meantime, let’s catch some insects. Look at the cute little Ladybug!

Amelia finds some strange plants she has never seen before so, naturally, she picks them.

Is that a bear? Oh my!

Sure, step inside the dark, creepy thing. She’s braver than me.

Amelia sees a strange man watering his garden. Why is he living on the other side of a cave?

She introduces herself and asks if she can use his bathroom. It’s urgent!

He seems very friendly. He even offers to let her stay in his tent.

Amelia finds lots more strange plants in the man’s garden.

He teaches her how to brew herbal remedies using the strange plants.

He also lets her use his spare fishing rod and teaches her how to fish.

She catches a Walleye, which is one of the 5 new fish!

Amelia cooks some of the insects she caught for dinner. Oh, I really hope that’s not the ladybugs.

Yeah, she’s definitely braver than me. That’s gross.

Amelia and Ethan are becoming fast friends. They seem to have a lot in common.

Ethan feels confident that Amelia can handle the brewing on her own now.

Amelia catches more of the new fish.

She also catches a Cowplant Berry. Her friend Harper will love that!

She spends her last night in the tent, before she has to return home.

The next day, she arrives at her brand new house!

She plants all of the strange plants in the backyard.

She missed her friends while she was away, so she invites some of the girls over for a Weenie Roast. Amelia even convinced Ethan to come back with her!

Amelia could have had a Gold event.. if Tiffany actually knew how not to set the furniture on fire.

Jazmine points out that a Bronze event is still good. Eat your hot dog, Jazmine!

After everyone leaves, Amelia gives Harper her Cowplant Berry.

Overall, Amelia had a successful week. She caught 4 of the 5 new fish and 17 of the 21 insects. She reached level 10 of the Herbalism skill as well.